Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS) is muscle pain or stiffness that occurs approximately 24 hours after an intense, exercise-induced physical activity. Some medical and exercise professionals also refer to it as “muscle fever.” Some of the symptoms of DOMS include: Dull aching pain Tenderness Stiffness Inflammation Pain disappears approx. 7-10 days later Contrary to the… Continue Reading »

Do you have chronic low back pain?  Jean Brown Research is conducting a clinical research trial for an investigational pain medicine to treat lower back pain. If you qualify to participate you may compensated for your time and travel as well as receive medical treatment for your pain. Basic qualifications for this clinical trial are: 18 years… Continue Reading »

There are some dentists and oral surgeons stating that wisdom teeth removal isn’t always a necessity. The school of thought has been that removing wisdom teeth is a way to post pone the inevitable, but as Dr. Greg J. Huang, chairman of orthodontics at the University of Washington in Seattle stated, “Everybody is at risk for… Continue Reading »

Wisdom teeth are the last teeth to come in, but often there isn’t enough room for the tooth. Because of the lack of room the tooth may not be able to rise through the gums completely, this is called impacted. When the tooth becomes impacted bacteria can enter around the partially erupted tooth and may… Continue Reading »