Wisdom teeth got their name in the mid 1800s due to the fact that most people don’t get this third row of molars until between the ages of 17 to 24 or so. Considered a pain both literally and figuratively to many people, wisdom teeth extraction presents questions for those facing the procedure. Here, we… Continue Reading »

Humans have always had “wisdom teeth” or third molars. However, today the only time we think about wisdom teeth is when they need to be removed. But why do we have them? And why do they cause trouble for us today? Looking at our prehistoric ancestors can give us some clues. Evolution of wisdom teeth… Continue Reading »

It’s almost a rite of passage for many people to have their wisdom teeth removed. For many Salt Lake City residents, it can mean undergoing the first surgical procedure they have experienced in some time—maybe the first one in their life. Wisdom teeth removal doesn’t have to be scary, though, even if it is unfamiliar… Continue Reading »

Being told that you need to have your wisdom teeth removed can seem like a real pain. Of course, you could be in real pain if you elect to ignore medical advice and decide not to have the wisdom teeth removal surgery. But what could happen if you don’t do it? While the actual Salt… Continue Reading »

If you have ever received an X-ray that reveals that you at least one wisdom tooth, it is very likely that you will need to have wisdom tooth removal. Even if your wisdom teeth are not causing you pain, your Salt Lake City dentist may recommend that you still get the teeth removed. Here are… Continue Reading »