Pain from wisdom teeth can come and go. You may possibly feel discomfort one day and then the next you may not. So, while it may seem easy to just ignore the pain you may be experiencing from your wisdom teeth, don’t. It could be a sign that something is wrong. While it is true… Continue Reading »

Whether you’re the parent of a teenager or you’re a 30- or 40-something adult who has put it off, facing wisdom tooth extraction is a hard expense to swallow. And depending on what state of health the teeth are in, you could be facing a substantial bill. So, what should you expect for the procedure… Continue Reading »

No one wants to here a dentist tell them they need wisdom teeth removal. However, there are many wisdom teeth removal myths that may make you unjustifiably hesitant for the procedure. Read on to learn common myths—and the realities—regarding Salt Lake City wisdom teeth removal. Wisdom Teeth Myth #1: Wisdom teeth removal is painful When… Continue Reading »