Here are some of the things you should know about diabetes, as we come to a close of Diabetes Awareness Month: 1/3 of the people with diabetes, don’t even know that they have the disease According the American Diabetes Association(ADA) diabetes kills more people than breast cancer and AIDS every year. Eating excessive amounts of… Continue Reading »

October was Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and it seems like the whole country turned pink! From store marquees to the NFL, everyone was touting pink, talking about awareness prevention, fund raising, etc. But now here it is National Diabetes Awareness month and what have you heard about it? Not much. For some reason diabetes isn’t… Continue Reading »

The American Diabetes Association is having their annual Shop to Stop Diabetes, Gift of Hope fundraiser, you can purchase gifts, jewelry and holiday cards. Every penny of the profit goes directly toward diabetes research. This fund raiser was started by parents of children with diabetes. The Gift of Hope program allows you to turn your purchases… Continue Reading »

November is National Diabetes awareness month. The Juvenile Diabetes Research foundations is teaming up with the Utah Department of Health to raise awareness about the disease. The disease which affects over 26 million people in the US, effects 128,000 Utah residents have the disease. The groups are hoping to increase understanding of the cause and recognizing… Continue Reading »

November is National Diabetes Month, created to help raise awareness about the disease that is becoming and epidemic in this country. Here are some facts from the 2011 National Diabetes Fact Sheet: 8.3% of the United States Population have diabetes, that’s 25.8 million children and adults 79 million Americans are prediabetic 1.9 million new cases… Continue Reading »

A new study at Harvard University shows that teens who drink milk and carry on the habit into adulthood may cut their risks of developing diabetes by as much as 43%. The downside being that milk drinkers weigh an average of 4 lbs more than their non-dairy drinkers. Harvard also released information that stated that… Continue Reading »

A new study revealed that Medicare could save billions of dollars if individuals who were pre-diabetic or at risk for cardiovascular disease took part in weight-loss programs. Read about the study and its findings on the LA Times site. is a Salt Lake City based trial research organization, specializing in pain management and diabetic studies,… Continue Reading »

According to a new study of 1,500 children and young adults with type 1 or 2 diabetes 1/3 have not had eye exams or tests of long-term blood sugar control as recommended by the American Diabetes Association (ADA). Based on the ADA guidelines young people should have a hemoglobin A1C test at least twice a… Continue Reading »

It’s always good to hear about diabetics being successful and beating the odds. Read more about this marathon runner who was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes. is a Salt Lake City based trial research organization, specializing in pain management and diabetic studies, among other types of  clinical trials. Follow us on Twitter and Facebook. 

We have mentioned here and there are numerous other articles which support the idea that diabetics who are overweight have the potential for other health problems. It’s been studied that weight loss in diabetics can help not only in disease management, but also health issues that go along with diabetes. A new study shows that… Continue Reading »