[flv:https://www.jeanbrownresearch.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/07/bunion-surgery-the-Austin-bunionectomywww.savevid.com_.flv 480 360] This is an inside look at what bunion surgery entails. If you are worried about getting your bunion removed this is a short demonstration about the typical surgery is like. If you need a bunion removed please visit Jean Brown Research’s Bunion Study page to see if you qualify to participate. JeanBrownResearch.com is… Continue Reading »

This video is a good overview of what lupus is: http://video.about.com/lupus/What-Is-Lupus–.htm Jean Brown Research is now conducting a clinical research study for people who have been given a diagnosis of lupus. Eligible participants 18 years and old may receive a no cost investigational medication and compensation up to one thousand dollars for time and travel associated… Continue Reading »

Lupus is a disease in which the immune system attacks organs or cells of the body, causing dysfunction and damage. This is an auto-immune disease, a chronic illness that has no cure, although many patients will experience periods where symptoms are absent or inactive. The most common symptom in lupus is fatigue, for some suffers… Continue Reading »