We know the best-designed trials deliver the best results. That’s why we leave nothing to chance. We ensure you receive meaningful data to expedite your approval process.

We work with both local and central IRBs. Because of our established relationships, our hospital group partnerships allow for one-month IRB approval turnaround eliminating lengthy time delays.

Additionally, our inpatient and outpatient research-compliant billing processes prevent fraud-related liability exposure. As a clinical trial sponsor, you can feel comfortable that your billing will be handled by the best in the business.

Jean Brown Research has received our schedule I DEA license to better serve our sponsors. This distinction requires a highly secure facility and outstanding reputation with DOPL and the DEA. Our staff is also ACLS certified.

We provide best in trial design with target outcomes in the following specializations:

  • Ascending dose cohorts
  • Proof of concept
  • Adult & pediatric studies
  • ABPM 24-hour B/P testing
  • Bioavailability / bioequivalence (BA/BD)
  • Cardiovascular outcomes
  • Delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS)
  • Device
  • Drug interaction
  • Food effect (fed / fasted)
  • Generics
  • Imaging
  • Inpatient / outpatient
  • Nutritional supplements
  • Over-the-counter / consumer
  • Phase I-IV
  • Pilot trials
  • PK/PD pharmacogenetics
  • Safety efficacy
  • Schedule I studies
  • Vaccines


We make sure you have the very best people working for you.

To ensure that our clinical research is complete, timely, and accurate we provide a highly-trained and experienced staff of medical professionals:

  • Medical Director
  • Full-time on-site physician
  • Contract physicians
  • Full-time on-site nurse practitioner
  • Full-time on-site electrophysiology specialist
  • ACLS certified staff
  • Registered nurses
  • Medical Assistants
  • ACRP members – CCRC
  • SoCra members – CCRA
  • Pediatric Phlebotomists (IV certified)
  • Dietician
  • Pharmacist
  • Regulatory specialists
  • Quality Control / Quality Assurance department
  • Experienced Recruitment & Enrollment department
  • Methodology-trained staff
  • Education department
  • Data-entry department

Our facilities provide flexibility and access many of our competitors just can’t deliver. For the best results for our clients and the greatest comfort and convenience for our patients we provide:

  • Two dental surgical suites
  • Two operating rooms
  • Dedicated processing
  • Dedicated Phlebotomy lab
  • Private inpatient and outpatient rooms w/ infusion capabilities
  • 15 – 22 bed capacity
  • Central nursing station
  • Adjacent acute care facility (hospital)
  • 9,000 square-foot flexible-capacity clinical facility
  • Dosing observation room
  • Urology lab
  • And more based on sponsor needs

We are uniquely positioned to deliver on budget, time and to required volume. As an example we have been successful in enrolling several hundred dental and vaccine subjects in a one-month period with quality results—we can meet the challenge of your enrollment goals.

We meet enrollment requirements through an array of strategies:

  • Database of 54,000 research experienced patient prospects
  • Experienced Recruitment & Enrollment department
  • Exclusive digital & traditional media partnerships
  • Physician practice partnerships
  • Medical practice affiliations
  • Dental school partnerships
  • Traditional media: newspaper, radio, television, outdoor, direct mail
  • Community education, outreach & event sponsorships
  • Community event marketing
  • Digital media: social media, paid search, banner advertising & email marketing
  • Word of mouth
  • 97% Subject retention rate
  • Other propriety methods

To ensure that our clinical research is complete, timely, and accurate we used the most advanced medical equipment with the latest technology including:

  • Refrigerated centrifuges
  • -20/-70 freezers
  • ECG machines
  • AED
  • Infusion pumps
  • Consultation / procedures rooms
  • Secure storage
  • AirClean 600 PCR workstation
  • Full crash cart
  • Panoramic dental X-ray machine
  • Portascan bladder scanner
  • Urodyn 100 Uroflow Machine
  • Capnography equipment
  • Bladder ultrasound machine / TRUS
  • Cystoscopy equipment
  • Generator-powered backup system
  • Temperature monitoring of ambient, refrigerated and frozen storage with auto-admin alert
  • Pharmacy laminar flow hood
  • Other equipment based on sponsor needs

We differentiate ourselves from other research organization with unparalleled access to patients from diverse demographics including:

  • Healthy volunteers
  • Volunteers with diagnosed disease states
  • Pediatrics
  • Acute conditions
  • Partnerships with diversity alliance groups

Jean Brown developed a powerful strategy to limit the impact of placebo response on clinical research study results. Our proprietary strategy ensures you receive the quality data you need and limits delays in the FDA approval process.

All JBR coordinators are extensively trained in a blind pilot study before participating in any sponsor pain studies. This ensures our staff is uniquely qualified to identify potential placebo response and minimize any potential influence on a subject’s response during the trial.