“My daughters and myself have participated in studies here. The staff is very nice and knowledgeable. Great experience overall. We love Jean Brown Research.”

– Dahlee Anna Johansen


“Thank You Jean Brown Research for all you do! Without Research Companies we wouldn’t have the vaccines and medications like the ones that saved my dad. I’m also grateful for the people who volunteer for these studies (myself included). It helps so many people!”

– Chelsea Jones


“The staff is all very professional and they make you feel very comfortable. I recommend them to anyone! Keep up the great work!”

– Melissa Woodman


“I took my daughter there for a pediatric flu study, they were very helpful and gentle with her, it was a great experience.”

– Previous Patient


“I finally had my Hernia repaired at Jean Brown Research yesterday. The doctors and staff, their great. Thanks Dr Naylor and Doctor Despain for your great skills. Thanks Erika, Pam and all of the others that took care of me. I even got to have a chat with the very nice cleaning ladies at night. (Got to keep up with my Spanish). I’d recommend Jean Brown Research to anyone!”

– Patient


“Excellent work. Ive referred 2 people to JBR already. Thank you!”

– Patient


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