Pediatric meningitis is a serious condition that can put your child or teen’s health at risk. Because meningitis is easily spread among individuals in close quarters, children who attend Salt Lake City schools or daycares are at an increased risk of contracting the disease. The early signs of viral meningitis can mirror influenza symptoms, which… Continue Reading »

Caring for a sick child can be incredibly stressful for a parent. This is especially true when a child is infected with the pediatric flu. Thousands of children in Salt Lake City experience the pediatric flu each year; however, many of these cases can be prevented with the pediatric flu vaccine. But, if your child… Continue Reading »

Pediatric Influenza Vaccinations Influenza infections can be very dangerous for young children. Severe, even life-threatening, complications are most common for children under the age of two. Children five and under often need medical treatment if they contract the flu—20,000 of these kids are hospitalized each year. The US Center for Disease Control estimated more than… Continue Reading »

Children and the Flu There are a lot of misconceptions about the term “flu.” People often refer to a stomach bug as “the flu,” however, influenza is a respiratory illness caused by a virus. Parents might find it challenging to determine whether their son or daughter has the flu or the common cold. Cold symptoms… Continue Reading »

Jean Brown Research is currently seeking expectant mothers to participate in a clinical study to evaluate the safety and effectiveness of a low lactose infant formula. Low-lactose formula is a cow’s milk-based formula that has the sugar, lactose, removed and replaced with glucose polymers. Those eligible to participate must be healthy, full term newborns. The… Continue Reading »

Pediatric clinical trials are a form of medical research specifically for children.  Children have specific needs that simply cannot be tested as effectively on adults. Children are constantly changing and growing.  At each of the stage of growth, children may need different doses of medicine, different sizes of devices or different types of therapy.  An… Continue Reading »

Utah clinical trials are regularly being conducted to determine whether promising new treatments will be safe and effective for patients. Participants in clinical trials can gain access to new research treatments before they are widely available, play a more active role in their own health care and help others by contributing valuable information to medical… Continue Reading »

Polio is a virus that enters the body orally. it doesn’t always cause serious illness, but can cause paralysis. In 1916 a polio epidemic in the United States which killed 6,000 people and paralyzed 27,000. During the 1950’s there were over 25,000 cases of polio reported each year. In 1955, administration of the vaccine began. By… Continue Reading »

  If you have a healthy 4 to 6 year old child, he/she may qualify for a clinical research study testing to protect against DTAP-IPV (diphtheria, tetanus and pertussis combined with the Inactivated Polio Virus Vaccine). Basic qualifications are: 4-6 years of age Healthy Male or Female Current on Immunizations Parental Consent   If you… Continue Reading »

The following are clinical trials that Jean Brown Research is currently enrolling. If you or someone you know is interested in participating, please visit our site Bunion Study– Clinical trial of an investigational pain medication given after bunion surgery, for patients 18 years or older C-Diff Vaccine– Hospitalized patients may contract C-Diff or Clostridium difficile, an… Continue Reading »